One number to know for WFT's Week 12 meeting vs. Seattle


Before every one of Washington's matchups for the 2021 season, Pete Hailey will present one number to know for that particular battle.

Here's what's on his mind, and what should be on your mind, for when the squad takes on the Seahawks in Week 12.


Russell Wilson's last two starts for the Seahawks have been very un-Russell Wilson-like. 

The longtime Seattle star returned from finger surgery a couple of weeks ago for the franchise — and he's now likely wishing someone could do surgery on his recent stats.

Against the Packers, Wilson went 20-of-40 for 161 yards and two interceptions in a shutout loss. When that contest concluded, he had an unsightly passer rating of 39.7.

Then, in last Sunday's loss to the Cardinals, Wilson completed 14-of-26 balls for 207 yards, a performance that earned him a passer rating of 80.1. So, while he doubled what he did versus Green Bay, he was still far below his typical standards.

In fact, the eight-time Pro Bowler hasn't had back-to-back flops like that in years, as this week's number highlights.

Wilson's combined passer rating in his last two outings is an unfortunate 119.8. The last time he posted such a low total across two games came way back in 2014 — a stretch that spans 108 weeks in the NFL.

In two mid-season victories over the Raiders and the Giants during that campaign, Wilson notched ratings of 63.9 and 53.7, which adds up to 117.6. He hasn't struggled that much in consecutive appearances until right now.


This can signal one of two things for Washington, who will be the next squad to face Wilson this Monday evening.

The more optimistic stance from the Burgundy and Gold's perspective is that something — whether it's lingering effects from his hand injury, Wilson feeling like he has to press to help carry an unusually-flawed Seahawks roster or another factor — is preventing the legend from producing his signature heroics.

The less cheery angle, on the other hand, is that Wilson is due for an absolute explosion at FedEx Field after a couple of seriously-out-of-character efforts.

Washington would of course rather match up with Wilson in his present form as opposed to running into him during a statistical heater, and with how the defense handled Tom Brady, perhaps it'll be ready to contribute to No. 3's misery.

At the same time, neither the team's players nor its fans should get too cocky about Wilson's current funk. It's obviously rare for a guy of his talents to be so quiet across multiple starts (as the bolded number above indicates), meaning Wilson might just be ready to ruin Washington's winning streak singlehandedly come kickoff.