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One number to know for Washington's meeting with Ravens

Football Team

Before every Washington Football Team game this year, Pete Hailey will identify one key number that you must know regarding that contest.

Here is his number for the Week 4 tilt with the Ravens.


If you've arrived to this cozy little section of the Internet on this gorgeous website, then you're likely well aware that the Washington Football Team is playing Baltimore this weekend.

If that's true, then you're also likely well aware that not many people believe that the Washington Football Team can beat Baltimore this weekend.

This story will do absolutely nothing to dissuade that notion.

Lamar Jackson is coming off of his third regular season loss to Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Jackson has yet to take down his fellow former MVP and Kansas City, actually, which is a problem for him.

Fortunately for him, though, Jackson is not facing that squad again in Week 4. As already established, he's facing Washington in Week 4. And when Jackson is facing an opponent other than Mahomes and the Chiefs in the regular season, his record is 21-1.


Ron Rivera and the Burgundy and Gold can't, and won't, let that stat affect them ahead of their meeting with the Ravens at FedEx Field this Sunday. That's not how he, or they, work.

Instead, they're going to be busy figuring out how to put their top position group, the defensive line, in positions where it can harass Jackson and throw the visitors' offense off its rhythm. If the hosts are going to generate a surprising victory, that effort's going to be at the center of it.


For anyone outside of the locker room, however, that 21-1 mark is a sobering one. Baker Mayfield and the Browns are the only non-Chiefs bunch to defeat Jackson's Ravens pre-playoffs since Jackson became starter in the middle of the 2018 schedule.

At some point, the organization that calls Charm City home will want to get over its woes against K.C. Yet that point doesn't have to be Week 4.

Their only concern now is bouncing back versus Washington. Recent history suggests (quite forcefully) that they'll do just that.