One number to know heading into WFT's Week 6 meeting with Chiefs


Before every one of Washington's matchups for the 2021 season, Pete Hailey will present one number to know for that particular battle.

Here's what's on his mind, and what should be on your mind, for when the squad welcomes the Chiefs.


The diehard readers of this weekly story — if any exist, that is — have come across all sorts of numbers, from ones that exceed 100 to others that include decimal points to those that are negative.

This week, however, the number couldn't be much simpler. The same could be said for what that digit relates to.

Patrick Mahomes has played 51 regular-season games in his career so far, yet he's faced the Washington Football Team on zero occasions. Of course, that'll change this Sunday.

Watching Mahomes from afar is one of the more enjoyable experiences a sports fan can have. It's a treat watching him eviscerate defenses and torment defensive backs and find his receivers in the most improbable of ways. 

Almost every time he suits up for four quarters, there is at least one, if not two, if not seven, sequences where you think to yourself, "Man, I feel so damn bad for the dudes who are trying to stop him and that Chiefs offense."

Well, this weekend, Washington will be those dudes.

It's true that Mahomes and Kansas City are in a bit of a funk. The franchise is currently in last in the AFC West with their 2-3 record, and some are starting to believe that they'll miss the playoffs (with most basing that theory on the team's putrid defense).


No slump can take away from Mahomes' sick talents, though. He's capable of doing something the sport has never seen on each snap and he's also got a bevy of weapons more than ready to help him do so. 

Plus, it's quite telling of how well-regarded he is that his current stat line — he's thrown for 1,490 yards in his five starts this year, boasts a completion percentage of 69.2 and owns a 16-to-6 touchdown-to-interception ratio — is viewed as a bit unsatisfying.

Still, folks will make the argument that Washington is catching the Chiefs at just the right moments.

Their typically high-flying offense his hanging out at a normal altitude, having scored just 20 versus the Bills last week, while the aforementioned defense is, again, pu-trid.

If you view it from the other perspective, however, Washington could be opening up the doors at FedEx Field for a group that's ready to explode.

Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Andy Reid and others are no doubt upset with their present record and performance, setting up the Burgundy and Gold to potentially be on the wrong side of major get-right outing.

Up to this point of Mahomes' pro career, Washington has avoided him thanks to the league's scheduling machinations. On Sunday, their luck ends, and it'll be their duty to limit Kansas City's gifted quarterback.

And if the defense is as sloppy as its been in Weeks 1-5, it'll never want to intersect with Mahomes again.