One report suggests asking price too high for Kerrigan, Anderson trade


The window to trade NFL players will close next Tuesday, and for the Washington Football Team, it might be a slow few days. 

Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer reported that defensive ends Ryan Kerrigan and Ryan Anderson are among a number of veteran defensive players available for trade. The problem, however, is coming to terms around a deal. 

"Asking prices are still too high on veteran players, and whether they come down will likely dictate how much activity is coming," Breer reported. 

Earlier this year Kerrigan broke Washington's all-time franchise sack record and he's been a fan favorite for the last 10 seasons. The problem right now is he's just not getting snaps. In the past two games Kerrigan has been on the field for the defense just 23 snaps, which makes sense as Washington looks to rookie Chase Young and second-year pro Montez Sweat to lead the defense.

What might make Kerrigan attractive on the trade market is that despite the reduced workload, he's still productive. He's had sacks in each of the last two games and has four sacks for the year. 

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Plenty of speculation connects Kerrigan with the 49ers. San Francisco has dealt with a number of defensive injuries, including losing elite defensive end Nick Bosa for the season. Every football team in the universe can always use more pass rush, but the Niners are a playoff contender that could really use Kerrigan. Combine that with Kerrigan's familiarity with 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, and the fact that Washington and San Francisco have already done a trade together this year, and this could be a real interesting scenario to watch. 


Kerrigan will be a free agent after this year, and NFL teams don't make a ton of short-term, rental-type trades like those in baseball and basketball. Except San Fran already did that, this year, with Washington, when the 49ers traded for Trent Williams. 

The price tag is harder to figure out. 

It might be a hard sell for Washington to deal Kerrigan without a good draft pick in return in part because of his value and stature within the team. Is a sixth-round pick really worth losing Ryan Kerrigan? Would ownership sign off on that?

It will be interesting to watch and find out. The timing is odd - the NFL Trade Deadline coincides with Election Day across the United States. While most of Washington will be watching for red and blue news, plenty will still be watching for Burgundy and Gold news.