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Peter King awards Alex Smith with Offensive Player of the Week in first game back

Football Team

Sometimes the story is better than the actual performance. 

That was certainly the case for Washington Football Team quarterback Alex Smith, who made his triumphant return to the football field following a 23-month recovery from a Nov. 18, 2018 leg injury that required 17 surgeries. That's why Peter King awarded Alex Smith with one of his four Offensive Player of the Week honors for Week 5 of the NFL season. 

No matter what he did on Sunday, Smith continued to get back up and that alone is worth King's recognition. 

In fact, the LA Rams sacked Smith six times. The first came when Aaron Donald's massive body jumped on his back before a couple fellow pass rushers helped take him down to the ground, with plenty of opportunities for his legs to get mixed up in a bad way. 

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As seen with Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott, a gruesome injury can happen at any time in football. But Smith was confident and showed that he could not only take a hit, but also protect himself with some impressive evasiveness. 

Coming in for this week's starter Kyle Allen, who took a helmet-to-helmet blow in the first quarter, Smith finished with 37 yards on 9-of-17 passing. No matter what his stats would have been, though, coming back to do the impossible and play live football after such an arduous journey to come back from injury is impressive enough. 

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"An incredible comeback story played out in Washington, regardless of the 30-10 loss," King wrote. 

The other recipients of King's Offensive Player of the Week put Smith in great company, as Chase Claypool, Robby Anderson, and Derek Carr were also recognized. Steelers rookie wide receiver Claypool produced four receiving touchdowns for the first time since 1968, Anderson continued his stellar Panthers season, and Carr led Las Vegas to an upset win over the Chiefs. 

That's definitely some highly productive company for Smith's amazing comeback story to be included alongside. Hopefully for Washington fans, Smith's comeback story allows him to produce at those levels soon.