Pierre Garçon on Chase Young: 'He is a beast'


Now retired from the NFL, former Washington wide receiver Pierre Garçon has been paying attention to the team he spent his 2012-16 seasons with. Like many others, Garçon has been drawn to the play of rookie defensive end Chase Young. 

“He a beast. He is a beast," Garçon said to NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay.

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The play that really showed Garçon how special Young is was the fumble return for a touchdown against the 49ers

Garçon was already aware that Young was a physical defensive end with top-end pass-rushing skills, but it was the speed he displayed that surprised him. For all the expectations Young entered the season with, he's continued to find new ways to make people's jaws drop.

“He’s definitely a great asset to the team… doing everything he’s hyped up, lived up to do," Garçon said.

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If there is one knock anyone could find in Young's game so far, it would be how he carried that ball into the end zone on the play. Holding it out in a non-protective way, Young claimed it was because he was so tired he needed to use his arms to push himself past the goal line.

Garçon understands that isn't the best technique, but as long as the result remains the same, it will be hard to complain about how he cradles the football.


“He keeps taking it to the house, he’ll be alright," Garçon said.