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Players backed Ron Rivera's decision to go for two against Giants

Football Team

The latest installment of Riverboat Ron Rivera took place in New York on Sunday as Washington opted to forego an extra point to tie New York at 20-20 and rather attempt a two-point conversion to win the game right there.

Though a loss was a potential -- and the eventual -- outcome, Rivera noted postgame that the thought of not going for two never really crossed his mind there. If Washington scored a touchdown, they were going to try and win the game. Rivera believed his players felt the same way.

“I think the players wanted to go for it," Rivera said. "But again, it was my decision.” 

The head coach was right in that assumption. 

Even before Kyle Allen found Cam Simms in the endzone to make it 20-19 with under one minute to play, players on offense and the sidelines had an idea of what may come should Washington have a chance to take the lead. Based on what their head coach has preached -- and his past of not settling for a tie -- they were ready to follow his lead.

“I fully expected it. At the start of the drive I told the offense, ‘Let’s go score and go for two,'" tight end Logan Thomas said. "I think everybody around the league knows who Ron is and how Ron is. So, I expected it and I think we expected it too."


“I mean I had a feeling, that’s kind of how coach Rivera is," quarterback Kyle Allen said. "We did that last year [in Carolina] a couple times too. So I had a feeling we were going to go for it.”

The call didn't work and Washington ended up leaving New York at 1-5. Still, that didn't change how the players viewed the moment. With full trust in their head coach, they'll follow him into any decision.


"I was riding with whatever Coach Rivera decided," cornerback Kendall Fuller said.

If anything, Rivera's choice to go for two instilled a deeper relationship with his team. Since Day 1, the head coach has made it clear that he will always believe that they have what it takes to get the job done. 

He proved that once again on in the biggest moment of Sunday's contest.

“It’s a confidence, man," Thomas said. "He has confidence in his players, tells us every day how much believes in us, that he’s we’re going to get the job done and he backs it with his actions.”