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Why Chase Young calls playing with no fans 'a test'

Football Team

Only one thing was missing from Chase Young's NFL debut.

It wasn't production; the rookie was a menace to Carson Wentz, totaling 1.5 sacks and a forced fumble.

It wasn't the result; Washington showed a type of resilience that they haven't in quite some time to come back and defeat the Eagles.

And it wasn't flashiness; in a postgame interview with NBC Sports Washington, the pass rusher quipped that he wore green to the stadium because he wanted to look "like money."

The lone part that was lacking in Young's first pro appearance was the presence of thousands of supporters. During his appearance on The Adam Schefter Podcast, he lamented about how FedEx Field was empty for the opener.

"If we had fans there, the win would've been even more crazy, just with us and all our fans enjoying it together," Young said.

Young went on to explain that he did get used to the vibe after a while as he settled in and focused on "just playing ball."

In fact, the already very mature 21-year-old is viewing fan-less games as a way to discern between guys who need extra motivation to perform and those who'll perform regardless of circumstances.

"Some people have it, some people don't," Young told Schefter. "It's a test to see who really loves the game and just comes to work."


Well, put an easy passing grade on Young's first test.

Hopefully, at some point, Washington diehards will be able to watch No. 99's talents in person, because they're spectacular. Until then, however, taking them in on a screen will absolutely still suffice.