This postgame speech from Terry McLaurin will give you goosebumps


Following Washington's big 25-3 over the Dallas Cowboys in Week 7, head coach Ron Rivera gave his typical postgame speech where he complimented the team and expressed his feelings on their performance. Before wrapping up with everyone joining together to break down the huddle, Rivera asked if any players had anything to add.

Wide receiver Terry McLaurin did, and it was incredible.

“I know I’m still a young guy ain’t a captain or nothing, but the way we came out this week, it was better than last week," McLaurin said. "I thought we deserved to win last week the way we came out in practice. That was complementary football from the offense to the defense to the special team.”

Already pretty strong, right? Well, it gets better.

“Feel this, enjoy this s--- right now because that’s what we could build on. Now we’re right in the thick of it. So we’re going to take this week off, take care of yourself, take care of each, take care of your bodies man, because we’re right in the middle of everything we want," McLaurin said. "So I just had to say that, man, let’s come back even stronger after this bye week.” 

Rivera rewarded his young star's passion with the honor of breaking down the huddle. His teammates were loving it as well.

Team president Jason Wright saw the video as well and was impressed by McLaurin's flair. "The type of player I can point my kids to and say 'Try to play, work, be like him,'" he said.



McLaurin had a strong Sunday overall, catching seven passes for 90 yards and a touchdown against the Cowboys.