Oddsmakers suggest favorites for WFT name change


The wait is almost over.

The Washington Football Team announced on Tuesday that the franchise's new name will be revealed on Feb. 2, 2022, ending an 18-month process following the retirement of the old moniker and logo.

With the reveal still nearly one month away, many fans have speculated what the franchise's new name will be. On Tuesday, NBC Sports' partner PointsBet USA came up with hypothetical odds for the club's next name.

'Washington Football Team,' the club's current name, is still the hypothetical betting favorite (+300), followed by 'Presidents' (+500) and 'Red Hogs' (+600).

Below are the remaining names considered by PointsBet:

Defenders +800

Commanders +900

Armada +1200

Admirals +1200

Brigade +1200

Washington Washingtons +1500

Washington George's +1500

Washington FC +1800

THE Washington Football Team +2000

Wolves and Redwolves, two of the more popular name options by fans, were officially ruled out by the team on Tuesday due to copyright issues.

As part of Tuesday's announcement, Washington offered a sneak peek of the team's new uniforms, which remain of the burgundy and gold color scheme the franchise has always worn.

With close to four weeks remaining before Washington's official announcement of the next name, expect the speculation only pick up until the actual reveal.