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The real star of WFT training camp? Ted The Bird

Football Team

Tweet Tweet, Ted The Bird — whichever name you prefer — has taken over Washington Football Team training camp in Ashburn, Va.

Walking up and down the sidelines, taking perch on television cameras, and even checking in on the writers as they peck away at their keyboards, this finch has been the talk of camp: 

As NBC Sports Washington's Pete Hailey pointed out the bird was dipping, ducking, and diving all over the field. Second-year defensive end James Smith-Williams noticed, too.

"That’s a very brave bird," he told reporters. "He hangs around and moves, he’s a cool bird."

The team even tweeted that they signed him to a contract on Wednesday.

Wide receiver DeAndre Carter joked on Thursday that Ted The Bird "probably got a little more than me [in his deal], so I asked him for a couple dollars."

Though he’s a finch, he’s just a chirp off the old block. As long as he’s not a birden to practice, his impeckable ability to avoid contact should force the squad to keep him around as bird-stringer.  

Until then, surely folks will continue raven about him.