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Remembering the time Tress Way was impressed with Santa's arm

Football Team

Tress Way is a fan favorite in Washington, and for reasons that go a lot further than just his incredible punting skills.

Way, who's been voted a Pro Bowler in the past and has been a team captain multiple years, is also one of the funniest people in Washington's locker room.

In light of the Christmas spirit, NFL Films posted a video on Friday of Way mic'd up during a past December clash between Washington and the New York Giants. During a timeout, Washington's game day entertainment crew broke out the t-shirt toss, with the thrower of the shirts fully decked out in a Santa Claus costume.

Way, who was standing just feet away from the guy dressed as Santa, stopped his punting preparation to fully focus on the t-shirt toss. He was quite impressed.

"Oh, Santa, let it rip! Santa's got a cannon!" Way joked.

Take a look:

Unfortunately with no fans in the stands, we might have to wait until Christmas 2021 to get another awesome moment like this.