Report: Robinson unhappy with Bears; time for Washington to act


Earlier today things got fun when Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson removed all images and connections to Chicago from his social media. 

Things took a much more serious turn when the Chicago Tribune reported that Robinson has "has asked about a possible trade."

ESPN reported that Robinson has not requested a trade but that the Bears receiver "is unhappy that Chicago has been unwilling to pay him market value for wide receivers."

Robinson, a one-time Pro Bowler in the last year of a three-year, $42 million contract, wants a contract extension that will pay him on par with top receiver money across the NFL. So far, Bears' management has been reluctant to get there.

Now, things are going public. 

It's easy to change around a Twitter account, but it's another step entirely to ask a team about a possible trade.

There would be plenty of suitors for Robinson - who went for more than 1,100 receiving yards and seven touchdowns last year - but Washington should absolutely be in the mix.

The Burgundy and Gold have a big need at the position. Right now the team is lining up Dontrelle Inman across from stalwart wideout Terry McLaurin, and Inman was just signed in early August.

Washington tried to sign Amari Cooper this offseason, offering him a contract worth more than $100 million, but he elected to stay in Dallas. Washington drafted Antonio Gandy-Golden in the fourth round, but he's yet to make an impact. Plus on Monday the football team brought in four receivers for workouts. 


Beyond need at the position, Washington has assets to move, including an additional third-round pick in 2021 acquired from trading Trent Williams. 

Above all Robinson wants money and a new contract, and Washington can deliver there too. The team has more than $25 million in salary cap space and, again, already showed a willingness to offer major cash for a top-flight wideout this season. 

This could all be a negotiating tactic by Robinson's team to get the Bears to open the wallet. It might work too. 

Still, Washington should be on the phone. Maybe send a text or DM too.