In addition to having his captaincy revoked because of his recent controversy over his mask-less partying, Dwayne Haskins was also reportedly fined the largest known amount for a COVID-19 protocol violation, per the NFL Network.

On Wednesday, Ian Rapoport tweeted that Washington hit Haskins with a $40,000 fine. That is more than half of his weekly pay, and a huge escalation compared to what he had to give up for his first violation, a $4,833 penalty for making a hotel reservation for a family friend before the road game against the Giants.

So, Haskins lost a privilege he earned from his teammates in the offseason, is now the record-holder for something no one would want to be associated with and also has to adhere to certain measures such as wearing a mask and a special facemask with a mouth covering during practice. Those may not be as severe as being suspended or released, but they are fairly harsh punishments. 

And, the craziest thing about it — well, actually, one of the many crazy parts about it, since they are so many — is that he may still end up starting this Sunday!

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