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Report: Haskins has not asked Washington for a trade

Football Team

Once Dwayne Haskins was moved from the No. 1 quarterback on Washington's depth chart to No. 3 one possibility that arose from the move was trading the former first-round pick to a place where he'd get another chance to start. 

Then when you consider Haskins' agent defending his client on social media for a "narrative" around a young quarterback needing to play well so early in his career, it became fair to wonder whether Haskins would ultimately request a trade from Washington. 

As ESPN's John Keim included in his report that no team has reached out to Washington regarding a Haskins trade, the 23-year-old also hasn't asked for one. 

So the player hasn't asked for a trade and the team hasn't heard from anyone with interest in dealing for him. The trade deadline is still about two weeks away and things can always change, but as of now a deal certainly doesn't feel imminent. 

Multiple factors could be at play. Haskins could want to stick it out and see if he can't win his job back. After Washington benched him, his market could be shot and it's better for Washington to just keep him given the uncertainty surrounding their other two quarterbacks, Kyle Allen and Alex Smith. 

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It's also possible that teams don't want to trade for a developmental player like Haskins in the middle of the season. A team like the Cowboys would make sense since they'd presumably need a backup for Andy Dalton following Dak Prescott's season-ending injury, but then you'd have to get over the hurdle of Washington doing business with an arch rival. 

Trades are difficult to execute. There are almost always more reasons not to make a move than to actually make one, especially mid-season when the division title is still up for grabs. As stated before, things can always change, but if Haskins is eventually going to get moved it might have to wait until the offseason.