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Report: Tim Hightower to become Director of Alumni Relations

Football Team

Former Washington running back Tim Hightower will be joining the organization as the Director of Alumni Relations, Michael Phillips of the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported.

In his new role, Hightower will have the opportunity to connect past members of the franchise to the current team, using his past experience in the NFL as a way to create relationships.

"I know what it's like to walk through that tunnel, and to be in the locker room with the guys, and to be in the community with players and fans, then also to hang the cleats up and get disconnected and feel like you got lost in the mix," Hightower said to Phillips. "Our first job is to find and keep in touch with as many alumni as possible, to engage them and find out how we as an organization can support them, and continue to support their efforts off the field."

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Hightower was a part of Washington's 2011 team, rushing for 321 yards and one touchdown in five games with the team before tearing his ACL.

Prior to that, Hightower was a star locally during his college days at the University of Richmond after playing his high school football at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Va. In his senior year with the Spiders, Hightower rushed for 1,924 yards and 20 touchdowns.


By joining Washington, Hightower will also once again work with his former teammate, Jason Wright. Wright, now the team president for the Washington Football Team, played alongside Hightower as a member of the Arizona Cardinals. 

Knowing Wright's dedication and attitude, Hightower is excited to work hand-in-hand as both try to build a culture within the organization.

"Tim and I were teammates and I’ve been fortunate enough to witness the type of character he brings on and off the field," Wright said. "He is an amazing, dedicated individual who is committed to making an impact on those around him and will be a strong addition to our front office. As a former player, Tim understands the importance of his position and will do a masterful job connecting the alumni, team and community."

To Hightower, working with alumni of the Washington Football Team is not just about including people who once were part of the franchise. By connecting former players with the current team, it allows for the creation of a seamless culture that draws on experience.

With that, it makes being a member of the Washington Football Team even more meaningful. 

"I think the stronger your alumni base is, it helps your team morale," Hightower said. "It sends a message - when you see guys who have come before you engage in the organization and want to be a part, want to be around, as you create that culture - it sends a positive message that hey, there's something I'm doing now that's really going to impact me and my family long after. These guys want to be around."