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Report: 'Possibility' Rivera plays Haskins again this season

Football Team

The general consensus after Dwayne Haskins was demoted from Washington's starting quarterback to No. 3 on the depth chart was that it was a good bet we've seen the last of the former first-round pick on the field in DC. 

Perhaps we haven't, though. On Wednesday, head coach Ron Rivera said he hasn't quit on Haskins quite yet. Rivera views this as an opportunity for Haskins to continue to grow and develop, and some time on the sidelines could help him better learn the system so that next time he's out there, he's much more equipped for success. 

But when will "next time" come, if at all? According to The Washington Post's Sam Fortier, it could come as early as later this season. 

"According to two people with knowledge of the situation, Rivera is not interested in trading Haskins at this point and hopes to continue developing the quarterback with the possibility of him returning to play later this year or next," Fortier wrote Wednesday.

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If any team is familiar with the fluidity of job security in the NFL, it's the Washington quarterback room. Haskins wasn't expected to be benched as early as he was, which created an opportunity for Kyle Allen to start in Week 5. Then he was knocked out of the game following a big hit, giving Alex Smith an opportunity to take his first snaps in over two years. 


Life is predictably unpredictable in the NFL, so while Haskins' future with the franchise is surely murky, especially as we approach the NFL trade deadline on October 29, it wouldn't be out of the ordinary to suggest he'll find his way back on the field before the season is over. 

And if he uses his time as the No. 3 productively and comes back a better quarterback, he could even make a case to keep his job this year and factor into the conversation for 2021. All in all, time will tell.