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Rivera acknowledges that landing a QB at No. 19 will 'be hard'

Football Team

Washington presently holds the 19th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, and at that spot, it should have the chance to grab a skilled linebacker, a dangerous wide receiver or a stout offensive lineman.

One commodity that likely won't be around at that point, however, is one of the many quarterbacks slated to go in the first round.

In fact, Ron Rivera admitted as much on Wednesday during a pre-free agency press conference.

"At 19, in the middle of the pack, it's going to be hard," Rivera acknowledged when asked how the club's placement in the draft order could force the franchise to sign a veteran over the next couple of weeks.

This class of prospects boasts five signal callers who are expected to be selected during the opening night of the event: Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson could very well go first and second, and after them, there's Justin Fields, Mac Jones and Trey Lance, all of whom have various appealing traits. 

So, while the supply seems relatively solid, there's also an absurd amount of demand for help at the position. Sure, there almost always is, but this offseason, that might be especially true.

Washington, as every adult, child, pet and inanimate object in the DMV area knows, is a part of the vast collection of teams that are seeking an upgrade to lead their offense. Unfortunately, they almost certainly won't be able to land that upgrade in their current standing.

"To sit here and think that the guys you really like are going to be there — if you really like them, chances are the people in front of you really, really like them as well," Rivera said.


Therefore, even though the crop of free agents that is about to become available isn't exactly stacked with options, Rivera and the front office could very well opt to sign someone like Ryan Fitzpatrick or even try to trade for Teddy Bridgewater, should Carolina do something drastic in its own right.

That way, the QB room will be guaranteed to have some new blood and that addition can compete with Taylor Heinicke and Kyle Allen (assuming he returns) for the starting job.

The other alternative, meanwhile, is for Washington to stand pat in free agency and eventually trade up in the draft to a place where it can be sure to snag one of the soon-to-be-pro signal callers. That could get pricey depending on how far the QBs potentially climb, but it could also be organization-changing if the pick then hits.

What path will the Football Team choose? That's a discussion that's lasted for months, and thankfully, an answer should arrive soon. Until then, however, enjoy this last quote from Rivera, which sums up how complicated hunting for a quarterback can be.

"Everything's an impact. Everything's going to have some sort of involvement in your decision."

You nailed that one, coach.