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Rivera admits Washington is 'discussing' bringing in another kicker

Football Team

One day after Dustin Hopkins missed his fifth field goal on the season, Ron Rivera told the local media that Washington is open to evaluating other options at the position.

"It's something that we are talking about and discussing," Rivera said in a Zoom press conference on Monday.

Hopkins, who has been with the franchise since 2015, is just 12-of-17 on the year, and he's also missed an extra point. For an offense that needs every point it can get, having a specialist who's erred in six out of nine games so far isn't ideal.

What the Burgundy and Gold need to consider, though, is whether it's worth waiting for Hopkins to bust out of his current slump. He's performing well below his usual standards and this organization has let its fair share of kickers walk away in the past only to watch them flourish elsewhere. Can they give him a bit more time to recover?

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Rivera may not have fully backed Hopkins on Monday like he did a few weeks ago in response to a similar question, but he did perhaps reveal that No. 3 still has a little more room to correct his problems.

"The hard part is, when you bring a guy in, you want to make sure you have a guy that's going to fit you, you have a guy that's got a lot of experience because you're going to replace an experienced guy," he said. "It's something we're discussing."


Washington has Kaare Vedvik on its practice squad and featured Brett Maher there before Vedvik's arrival, too. If he wanted, Rivera could opt to have Maher and a few other free agents come in for a workout on Tuesday to gather intel on them and maybe trot out Hopkins for another game or two before moving on if need be.

Football is a sport that typically requires a ton of context when grading players, but for someone like Hopkins, the job is very binary: Did the ball go through the uprights or not?

Due to his performance through 10 weeks, the 30-year-old has exposed himself to possibly facing competition or even losing his role entirely. Unfortunately, his foot has now put that choice in Rivera's hands.