Rivera confirms Young's injury 'pretty much' ends his season


Before Week 10's matchup with the Buccaneers, Chase Young's second season as a pro could be described as underwhelming.

After it, unfortunately, there's a much more clear-cut label for Young's 2021: done.

The fear that most had when Young went down on Sunday against Tampa has now become reality, as Ron Rivera told reporters on Monday that Young's leg injury "pretty much ends" the campaign for No. 99.

Rivera declined to confirm whether it was a torn ACL. NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay reported Sunday that he had "been told" it was indeed an ACL injury for Young, though.

Young will have surgery soon, per Washington's coach.

Coming off of the bye, the hope was that Young would respond to a bit of criticism from Rivera and turn in a stretch run filled with disruption and difference-making. Instead, he'll be sidelined and have to focus on rehab.

Though Young hasn't produced nearly as much as most expected after winning the Defensive Rookie of the Year Award a year ago, his loss will still be felt on Washington's defense, especially in the next couple of contests, because Montez Sweat will be absent, too.

The guys behind Young and Sweat are best suited as backups, and that might even be a generous description of their abilities. Obviously, none of the team's remaining options possess a talent ceiling close to Young's.


Then there are Young's intangibles that will be absent from now on as well. They're hard to quantify, sure, but No. 99 does typically bring a consistent energy to the defensive huddle as well as Washington's bench. 

Overall, it's a sour conclusion to what will be considered a backward step in Young's career. 2022 will now be a pivotal third season for the No. 2 overall draft pick in 2020 who now must rebound from both game-to-game struggles and a serious injury.