Rivera 'excited to see' how Washington's rebrand ends up


When the Washington Football Team introduced Ron Rivera in January of 2020, the franchise made it clear that Rivera would have a lot larger organizational role than just being the team's head coach.

That's proven true so far. Rivera has absorbed greater responsibility than the typical head coach does on and off the field. One of those responsibilities has been Rivera playing a considerable role in the team's rebranding process.

Speaking with reporters following practice on Tuesday, Rivera expressed his appreciation for being included in the rebranding process and said he's excited about it all coming to fruition.

"Well, the nice thing is they ask my opinion about a lot of things," Rivera said. "That's cool. I really appreciate that. I am excited to see what does come down the pipe. I've given my input and it's been cool."

Washington is set to announce its permanent name and logo sometime in 2022. On Monday, the team posted a video of Rivera, general manager Martin Mayhew and team president Jason Wright discussing the possible name options. A list that began with thousands of possibilities has been trimmed to just three.

The rebranding process has been going on for over a year, but mainly because Wright, Rivera and everyone involved is doing their best job to make the transition as smooth as possible.

The franchise has allowed fans to give their input on possible name choices through multiple forums, too, and is hoping the eventual name is something all fans will be proud to represent.


"I think it's also neat the way they've reached out to our fan base, to our alumni, and ask their opinion as well," Rivera said. "I think that's important, the name that is picked, that is decided upon, is a name that suits and fits this community. We're representing not just Virginia or Maryland or D.C., but we're representing all three."