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Rivera explains why 'it's our duty' to vote in 2020 election

Football Team

With less than one month until Election Day 2020, Ron Rivera has one message for the individuals not playing football for him this season: Vote. 

"It's real important that we vote because you're picking and choosing the people that will most affect you daily," Rivera said. "When you pick the mayor, when you pick the city commissioner, when you do those things, you're picking the people that are going to control the way you live and how you live and what goes on in your community.

Rivera's message is part of a larger initiative by the Washington Football Team to encourage all citizens to not only register to vote, but to make sure they go to the polls on November 3 and cast their selections. 

"Voter registration is a priority for me and the Washington Football Team because we believe that everyone has a voice and it's important that everybody votes," Rivera said. Have a say in who runs our country, have a say in who runs our states, have a say in who runs our city, who runs our communities."

Washington will also continue to hold "Turnout Tuesdays" to help people get registered to vote before Election Day. Events will take place on October 6 and 13, and fans must register before going.

At the events, fans will register to vote, learn about how FedEx Field will serve as a polling place on November 3 and get some complementary swag as well. Information on "Turnout Tuesdays can be found here.


"Just knowing so many people who worked and committed and fought and died for the right that we have to vote, in today's time, you have an opportunity impact our world, to impact our country, to impact our community, and I think it's our right but it's also our duty to do so," Rivera said.