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Rivera's mixed reaction to Young's 'I want Tom!' celebration

Football Team

Ron Rivera saw the video of Chase Young running off of Lincoln Financial Field while shouting "I want Tom!" and he knows that Tampa Bay did as well. That's something that he's not necessarily thrilled about, yet it at the same time highlighted a quality Young possesses that Rivera especially admires.

Allow the coach to explain.

"It’s going to be bulletin board material, let’s be honest about that," Rivera told the media on Monday when asked about the clip. "They’ll have fun with it. You’ve got to chalk it up to youthful exuberance, but that’s who Chase is."

Sure, there's a chance that the 21-year-old's desire to line up across from a six-time Super Bowl champion, which is being lauded now, is laughed at come Saturday night, when Washington meets the Bucs on Wild Card weekend. That thought has already crossed Rivera's mind.

However, he'll deal with that if he has to, because in the end, he believes that sort of approach from Young will lead to a ton of success for the defensive end and the franchise overall.

"I do cringe, but at the same time I smile at it because he loves playing the game," Rivera said. "I think that’s what it’s all about... I want guys that love playing professional football on this team, not guys that love being professional football players. Do you feel the difference? Can you feel the difference about wanting to play the game, loving playing the game, and not just showing up in the uniform and looking good? That’s what I want."


As for what Young wants, well, he's already made it quite obvious, and he's going to get to square off with No. 12 at FedEx Field very soon. Expect him to make every effort to back up his words.

"We have to focus up, we have to lock back in," Young said after Washington's division-clinching victory. "We on go time. We’re still on go. Just know that we are not slowing down, that’s our mentality in the locker room."

It's also the mentality that'll make him a staple for the organization for seasons to come.