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Rivera has not spoken with any team about potential trades

Football Team

Barring something unforeseen, the Washington Football Team will not be making any trades ahead of Tuesday's 4 p.m. deadline.

Washington head coach Ron Rivera joined the Sports Junkies on Tuesday and said he has not spoken, nor called, any teams about any potential deals prior to the deadline.

"No. Nobody has called me," Rivera said, before also adding that he hasn't reached out to any teams, either.

The fact that Washington is not likely to make any deals prior to the deadline could come as somewhat of a surprise, considering the team is 2-6 and that it will take a significant turnaround in the second half of the season for the club to re-enter the playoff race.

Plus, Washington has multiple veterans -- Landon Collins, Tim Settle, Matt Ioannidis, etc -- that could intrigue contending teams, especially players who are on expiring contracts.

Additionally, Rivera said that Washington does not plan to bring in any kickers for a tryout during the team's bye week, despite the fact that new kicker Chris Blewitt has had three kicks blocked in his first two games.

"If you keep giving up too soon, then you're never going to find out," Rivera said. "That's the thing we have to understand as we continue to go through this process."

Rivera cited the success Graham Gano had in Carolina under him as a prime example. Gano began his career in Washington and struggled. But, once he signed with the Panthers, he evolved into one of the best kickers in the league.


"You're not going to find a 90% kicker out there at this time of year," Rivera said. "But at the same time, if you do find a guy you like, you have to give him the opportunity to see if he can get through this."

Rivera also reaffirmed that Washington plans to stick with Taylor Heinicke as its starting quarterback moving forward. The head coach left the door open for a change following Sunday's loss to Denver but recommitted to Heinicke on Monday as the starter going forward.

The head coach's reasoning for sticking with Heinicke as the starter is similar to his thoughts on keeping Blewitt as his kicker: Rivera wants to do a full evaluation of each player to see if they are somebody he feels he can win with, both now and in the future.

"We're trying to really find out about Taylor," Rivera said. "There are some things that he does very, very well. We moved the ball extremely well in between the twenties. He doesn't have all the weapons that we were hoping to have out there available.

"The goal is obviously to win. But it's also to make sure the guys we have are the guys we can win with," Rivera continued. "There is a time where I will draw a line in the sand with quarterback play if we don't get going. But you can't constantly change. Because if you do, you'll never know, you'll never find out. At some point, you'll have to take your lumps."