Ron Rivera saw Cam Newton's release but likes Washington's QBs


In a Tuesday press conference centered around a review of Washington's roster cuts, Ron Rivera admitted he noticed the release of Cam Newton. However, the team's coach didn't seem too interested in shaking up his current group of signal callers in order to bring in one of his most famous ex-players.

"It did pop up on our radar," Rivera said at first.

Then, he made an announcement that didn't really need to be an announcement before showing confidence in all three of his current passers.

"Just so you know, Ryan Fitzpatrick is our starting quarterback," he continued. "So that's where we are. We have three guys that we like that all came to camp, did a nice job for us and we're going to go forward with those guys."

Along with Fitzpatrick, Washington will go into 2021 with Taylor Heinicke as the backup and Kyle Allen as the third-stringer.

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In one of the bigger transactions of Tuesday, the Patriots dropped Newton from their squad and intend to move forward with Mac Jones as their primary QB.

Though Newton has a far, far more decorated past than Fitzpatrick as well as the pair that's behind him in the order, there's still no real reason for the Burgundy and Gold to target him. Still, because of his history with Rivera, the two will inevitably be linked together. Just don't expect that link to be revived with Rivera's present organization.


If any new arm will be added to Washington's trio of righties, it'll be someone to fill out the practice squad. Steven Montez is no longer with the franchise, so there is a hole there for a developmental option should Rivera and GM Martin Mayhew want to fill it.

Rivera, though, didn't come across as fixated on doing that, either — though he didn't rule it out entirely.

"With it not being as pressing as last year because of COVID, that's something that would be a luxury for us as we look at it," he said. "We have discussed the names that are out there."