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Rivera says Smith could have returned in 'an emergency situation'

Football Team

After having his right leg treated on the sideline during the second quarter, Alex Smith headed for the locker room prior to halftime and did not return to game action, replaced by Dwayne Haskins in Washington's eventual 23-15 win. But according to coach Ron Rivera, Smith could have come back in an emergency situation.

“What happened was, Alex developed some tightness and muscle soreness as he was pushing off that right leg. So as we ended the half, they took him in to get x-rays, the x-rays were fine," Rivera said postgame. "There was no issue there, but we had the soreness and it was tight so we decided not to have him go back out there in the second half.

“We had him there in case of emergency. He stayed there on the sidelines, stayed loose and tried to loosen it up. It just stayed tight,  he couldn’t get it loose," Rivera continued. "Again, an abundance of caution we went with Dwayne in the second half.”

The head coach clarified that the "in case of emergency" label did mean that the team felt Smith could return if they needed him, but given the flow of the game, that time never came.

“Yes, Alex would have been able to come back in if there had been an emergency situation," Rivera said.

Haskins finished 7-of-12 and as NBC Sports Washington's Pete Hailey wrote, did his job to give Washington the win - even if it wasn't a spectacular performance.