Rivera says Haskins isn't done in D.C. but has 'a lot to learn'


The trade deadline came and went without the Washington Football Team making any deals, and that likely means Dwayne Haskins will continue on in his role as third-string quarterback. 

For Haskins, the 15th-overall pick in 2019, that role must be extremely disappointing, especially after opening up this season as the starter for the first four games. 

To go from starter to inactive is a steep drop, steep enough to suggest Haskins' time in Washington will be short.

Head coach Ron Rivera doesn't think it has to go that way.

"It's funny, I benched the guy and it’s like everybody thinks his career is over here in Washington. It’s not. There’s potential, there’s opportunity. The kid has an NFL arm, it's just a matter of him developing," Rivera said this week on The Rich Eisen Show. 

Asked directly about his belief level in Haskins, Rivera responded that it "is probably somewhere in the 70s."

Rivera repeatedly said that Haskins has an NFL arm and the talent to play in the league, but the coach also repeatedly said one phrase that stood out:

"He’s got a lot to learn."

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Certainly some of the learning is about the complexities of NFL offenses and reading defenses, but it also sounded like Rivera believes Haskins has some learning to do in the growing up department. 


"Everybody forgets he played 12 games of college football and then last year he really didn’t get into the swing of things until the end of the year," the coach said. "I did everything I could to give him 11 weeks as the No. 1 [quarterback]."

COVID-19 didn't help, as Haskins got robbed of a normal offseason workload of OTAs and minicamp. Once training camp opened in late July, however, Rivera said Haskins got all of the reps with the first team. All of them, and that ran through Week 4 of the regular season.

"That's what I learned in my 11 weeks with him as a starter," Rivera said, "he’s got a lot to learn."

After that Week 4 loss to the Ravens, Rivera made the move to go to Kyle Allen and move Alex Smith to the backup role.

Rivera said that Haskins is still a part of the organization and has helped Washington's scout team in practice. 

"This guy’s young, he’s got an opportunity to develop and grow."