Ron Rivera says Redwolves, Redtails could be cool names for Washington


It seems like everybody has an opinion when it comes to what the Washington Football Team's new name should be, and that list includes head coach Ron Rivera. 

In an interview with Bally's Sports' Annie Agar, Rivera was asked what possible names he likes for the organization, and the coach wasn't shy about some of the favorites that have emerged among fans on social media. 

"One that caught a lot of steam that I kind of thought would be cool would be Redwolves,” Rivera said. "I thought Red Tails also was not a bad choice."

Rivera added that the current name, or lack of name, has grown on him.

"I’ll be honest, I kind of like the Washington Football Team," the coach said. 

Washington has been quite transparent during its rebranding, and the team's website has a series of content about the decision making process. The Cleveland Indians announced last week that when this season ends, the team will be called the Guardians. While that decision came much quicker than Washington's, Rivera remains confident his team will get the right name in the end. 

"I know that our people are doing a lot of research, a lot of background and we're going to be coming out with a new name soon," Rivera said. 

The team has made few definitive announcements about a new name but there are some certainties in the process -- the burgundy and gold color scheme will stay and the name will not be Warriors.


It's also expected that Washington's new name will be announced before the 2022 season starts, and team president Jason Wright said via the Washington Football Talk podcast that the organization will not be "beholden to a hashtag" such as #HTTR.  

Beyond that, lots of possibilities. And it seems like Rivera is cool with the options. 

To watch the full interview, click here. And you should watch, if for no other reason because Rivera gets asked if he's touched Ryan Fitzpatrick's beard and the coach's reaction was pretty damn funny. 

"That's a personal thing."