Rivera says WFT has reached 90% COVID vaccination rate

Ron Rivera

The Washington Football Team has seen 90 percent of its players receive the coronavirus vaccine, head coach Ron Rivera said on the Rich Eisen Show on Thursday. Washington reached the NFL protocol-loosening 85 percent threshold in early August.

“Kudos to our guys for doing the things that we need to have them do,” Rivera said. “We’re at 90 percent. We still have a few other guys and they’re looking at [this] long and hard, so that’s been a good thing for us to get these guys on board, and if we can get the remaining few on board it’ll be a boon for us, it really will. So I’m excited about that.”

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At the start of camp, Washington was among the lowest-vaccinated teams in the NFL. Rivera told reporters he was “beyond frustrated” the team was hovering around 60 percent, particularly after he endured a bout with skin cancer last year. The veteran head coach is immune-deficient and wears a mask despite being among the first to receive the vaccine.

Rivera still hopes to get that number up to 100 both for health reasons and to avoid an outbreak in their locker room. But with just two weeks remaining before the 2021 season begins, Washington is now among the most highly vaccinated teams in football. Tune into NBC Sports Washington at 5 PM on Saturday for Washington Football Kickoff Live starts as the WFT takes on the Baltimore Ravens in their final preseason game.