Rivera says Washington isn't in a hurry to find franchise QB


During his end-of-season press conference on January 10, Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera stressed the need of finding a franchise quarterback this offseason.

Nearly four weeks later and with a revamped front office, Rivera told local media on Wednesday it's not imperative Washington finds its signal-caller of the future right now.

"I think the biggest thing is we have to make sure we find the right one. That's the key," Rivera said. "Is it imperative to find them right now? No, not necessarily. We would love to, but as we go through this process we're going to exhaust all avenues."

This past week, Washington inquired about the possibility of trading for former Lions quarterback Matt Stafford. Rivera's team made a considerable offer, according to multiple reports, but the package from the Rams was too good for Detroit to turn down.

Rivera was asked about Stafford specifically, and the head coach responded with a phrase he said multiple times during the press conference.

"We're still in a situation where we're looking at all of our options," Rivera said.

Coming off an NFC East title and a roster full of young talent, many have felt this offseason would be a time for Washington to make an aggressive push to upgrade at quarterback in order to truly open its title window.

Rivera understands the opportunity in front of him but reiterated that it's about finding the right guy, not the first one that comes available.


"In our current situation, yes it is. But at the same time, you don't necessarily want to mortgage your future. You don't want to take away your opportunity to continue your growth," Rivera said.

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Washington has been a team that's come up frequently in a possible Deshaun Watson trade with the Houston Texans, an acquisition that would require the Football Team to part with either multiple draft picks or several young players, maybe even both.

That type of deal, based on the head coach's comments on Wednesday, made it seem he doesn't necessarily want to make a move that big just yet.

"We've done some really good things in the last few years of bringing players here," Rivera said. "I thought we did a nice job last year, I thought our coaches did an excellent job of getting our guys in position. I think going forward, our future can be bright if we do it the right way."

Newly hired manager Martin Mayhew addressed the topic as well, and his comments were, naturally, in line with his boss.

"At every position, we're going to look at everything and if there are opportunities to improve our roster. We're going to go about it that way," Mayhew said. "Is it going to be this year? Next year? Whenever it is, we're going to get the right guy."

Washington's other major front-office hire, VP of Player Personnel Marty Hurney, stressed that a lot more goes into finding a franchise quarterback than just that passer's talent alone.

"A lot of times it's about timing and the draft, what position you're in and who's out there available," Hurney said. "It comes down to currency and where you are. Can you protect the quarterback? Do you have weapons? There's so much included in that process that it's going to take much longer than the week-and-a-half we've been here."

Wednesday's press conference made it clear: Washington's front office will operate under the 'coach-centric approach,' but it will be a collaborative effort between Rivera, Mayhew, Hurney and the entire group. So far, they all are on the same page.