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Rivera says Washington's chance for success is 'in this room'

Football Team

All season long, head coach Ron Rivera has been consistent in his message that the Washington Football Team has the pieces to win games. Even with struggles, he believed in the personnel and his players.

On Sunday, that came to fruition on the field against the Bengals. Players stepped up, made plays and showed growth while helping the team pick up a much-needed 20-9 win.

Following the contest, Rivera continued to preach the same mindset during his postgame speech to his players in the locker room. 

“I told you guys, man, it’s in this room. I believe it, I really truly do," River said in a video posted to the Washington Football Team's Twitter account. "I believe we have every opportunity to take the next step."

Rivera explained how Washington can take that next step. With the NFC East still fully in reach after 11 weeks of the NFL season, it's time for his team to go out and take it.

Rather than waiting for another team or individual to slip up and give them an opportunity, they need to go seize it themselves.

“One thing we got to do is we got to stop waiting for somebody else," Rivera said. "Take it upon ourselves, take it upon you. Okay, take it upon you, please. Take ownership.”

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Lastly, as is customary, Rivera handed out a game ball. This one carried with it an emotional and heartwarming moment, as it went to veteran offensive lineman Brandon Scherff.


According to ESPN's John Keim, Scherff's grandfather died earlier in the week. Understanding how challenging it can be to focus on the game during a time of grief, Rivera wanted to praise Scherff and remind his team that football is family.

“Sometimes in this game, we play the game for specific reasons. Okay, and sometimes we play it for our family and our loved ones. Sometimes we lose them. And when we do, it’s tough on the soul," Rivera said. "But I’ll tell you though, when you’ve had somebody that’s been on your side a long time you play for them, okay. I’m going to go ahead and give this one to Brandon Scherff."