Ron Rivera shares the clever way he gets prospects to open up

/ by Peter Hailey
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If you ever make it to a point in life where you're interviewing countless college prospects ahead of the NFL Draft, Ron Rivera has a unique technique to make those chats more productive.

During a preview of the league's marquee offseason event, Senior VP of Media and Content Julie Donaldson asked Rivera to open up on some of his more memorable interactions with soon-to-be-pros that he was scouting. That eventually prompted Rivera to share one clever method he uses to get a better feel for whoever he's talking to.

Instead of opening up with a strictly football-related inquiry, Rivera will sometimes quiz a guy by getting them to address why they're wearing the clothes that they have on. That often leads to a response along the lines of, "Because if fits my style," and the conversation goes from there.

"A lot of those questions initially are really to get them off their script," Rivera told Donaldson. "We do start with, 'Hey, we like the shoes. Where did you get those shoes?' because you're trying to get them to not do the stuff they rehearsed. You want the real player."

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And, hey, if the guy's kicks are sweet enough, maybe he'll pass on some useful info about his footwear, too.


Before getting into how he likes to deploy that skillful maneuver, Rivera did fortunately recall one hilarious back-and-forth that he had in the past. 

"We had asked a player one time, 'How do you feel about press coverage?' and he said, 'You know, I'm not worried about the media.'"

"Sometimes, it's how they interpret what you're asking them," Rivera concluded with a smile.

That may not be as epic as challenging a up-and-comer to Rock Paper Scissors like they do in Philly, but it's certainly worth a chuckle.