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Rivera thinks Haskins may have to 'hit rock bottom' to improve

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For Dwayne Haskins, his 2020 season with the Washington Football Team was nothing short of a roller coaster. It began with promise as the starter, quickly fell when he was benched and potentially crept toward hope when he was given an opportunity to play once again late in the season.

However, it culminated with a downward spiral that started with the quarterback partying mask-less and ended with a release, capping the "hardest week" of his life.

On Monday, about an hour prior to announcing that Haskins was released, head coach Ron Rivera spoke on the struggles the quarterback has recently faced. 

“This is about learning experiences, life experiences. I think a lot of the things he’s gone through—not just this year, but last year as well—kind of being put to the side and kind of being brought along and then getting his opportunity at the end of the year," Rivera said. "Sometimes you have to go through hard knocks. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can dig your way back out of it. Sometimes a change helps.

"With Dwayne, it’s: what have you learned? What are you going to take from these experiences that are going to help you grow and get better?" Rivera continued. "That’s the big thing with him and the thing I hope he learns from these experiences." 


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Change is exactly what Haskins will now face, as he is no longer a member of the Washington Football Team. Still, Rivera is hoping to see the young quarterback battle through the adversity and find success in the future. He believes another chance is out there somewhere.

"Hopefully, they’ll make him stronger and they’ll help him and, hopefully, when he gets his next opportunity, he’ll make the best of it," Rivera said.