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Ron Rivera wins 'How it's going' trend following final cancer treatment

Football Team

The latest meme trend to take over the internet in recent weeks revolves around a user captioning two separate photos with the lines "How it started" and "How it's going." The post is meant to show a major change - for example, a first date photo to a marriage photo.

On Monday, Washington Football head coach Ron Rivera partook in the trend, and immediately won it.

Rivera finished his final cancer treatment early Monday after he was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in late August and shared photos on Twitter of one of his first sessions, followed by him ringing the bell to signify the end of the treatment.

Rivera's post is not only the best use of the meme yet, but a true indicator of just how strong he has been over the past few months. Just as the regular season began, Rivera started treatment while also maintaining his responsibilities as the head coach in Washington. It hasn't been easy. 

The treatment has forced Rivera to miss practices and meetings and be given IVs during games so that he could remain on the sideline. Each day over the last few months has been a battle.

Following Washington's win over the Cowboys on Sunday, quarterback Kyle Allen said the coach's fighting spirit inspired all of them.

"It's just the toughness. I think it's grit. It starts with our head coach," Allen said. "Our head coach is going through cancer right now. It's getting treatment, he’s getting chemo, and then he’s showing up the next day at work. He’s setting the example for us and it's right in front of our eyes."