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Ryan Clark: If healthy, Smith should start the rest of 2020

Football Team

The Washington Football Team's 2020 season may be defined by the quarterback position, and Alex Smith's remarkable return to the field in Week 5 added another chapter to the carousel. 

Kyle Allen replaced Dwayne Haskins as the starter against the Rams after four uninspiring performances. In Sunday's matchup against the Rams, it was Allen who was replaced by Alex Smith after he left the game due to injury. Ron Rivera declared Allen to be the starter when healthy, but some are already wondering when the time will come where Smith takes over full time. 

Former Washington safety Ryan Clark is one of those people, and it seems he wants to see Smith start sooner rather than later. 

Clark raises some interesting points. One of the primary reasons Rivera benched Haskins was that the NFC East was up for grabs, and it still is.

If Smith is the best option at quarterback and gives this team a better chance to win than Allen, he should be in there. Allen can't match Smith's track record in the league and maybe a seasoned veteran is what the offense needs to stabilize itself. 

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On the flip side, Allen has the edge in familiarity with Scott Turner's offense and, of course, there are the concerns with Smith's health. 

Prior to Smith entering Sunday's game, NBC Sports Washington's own JP Finlay predicted Alex Smith will be named starter for Washington's Week 7 divisional matchup against the Dallas Cowboys. At the end of the day though, Smith has been medically cleared to play and by all accounts, he looked fine taking hits on Sunday against LA. 


Washington's offense just hasn't been good enough. They aren't moving the ball and sustaining drives to keep their defense off the field and they only have one big play threat -- Terry McLaurin -- who, by the way, defenses are much more aware of this year as opposed to last. 

If Smith is healthy, and by the looks of it he is, then he should start based on what we've heard from Rivera. The Rams were a bad matchup for Washington and Allen probably didn't get a fair shake Sunday, but if he continues to struggle, the calls for Smith will get louder.