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Ryan Fitzpatrick's first Madden appearance is something to behold

Football Team

Ryan FItzpatrick has yet to make his Washington Football Team debut, but if that day turns out to be anything like his Madden debut, then fans are in for a doozy.

On Tuesday, NFL reporter Dov Kleiman shared a screengrab of Fitzpatrick's virtual face and attributes from his first appearance in the hallowed video game, which came in the 2006 edition.

Here it is, in all its glory:

There is so much to discuss, so let's start discussing:

  • Because Fitzpatrick was a seventh-round pick, Madden's developers probably didn't spend too much time on the quarterback's stats. However, the fact that they gave him just a 68 for his awareness is inexcusable. The guy went to Harvard and made the Wonderlic look like fourth-grader's spelling test. His awareness should've been 107 at least.
  • Let's all take a second and be thankful that the game's graphics have improved, because the lifeless face that is supposed to be Fitzpatrick gets creepier the more you stare at it. 
  • Isn't it just flat-out weird to see a 22 in the age category for Fitzpatrick? This guy was actually young once? Huh?
  • Going off of that — HE HAS NO FACIAL HAIR. 
  • Seriously, don't look into his eyes for too long. There's no telling what could happen if you do.
  • There's nothing better than the random numbers that are assigned to a player for skills that aren't required for his position. Like, Fitz was a 15 for catching as a rookie? Not a 14, not a 16, but a 15? Got it.
  • For the record, Fitzpatrick's overall rating in Madden 21 — a 74 — was just two points higher than his rookie standing back in the 2006 version. Luckily for him, his yearly salary has gone up much higher than a few ticks.
  • Lastly, Madden viewed Fitzpatrick as a pocket passer as a rookie. Little did they know that his true "tendency" would be to produce magic and not hide in the confines of the safe, comfy pocket. 

Well, there you have it. You won't read a more important story today. Might as well just turn off your Internet until tomorrow.