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Fitzpatrick's presser included an amazing line about Sean Taylor

Football Team

RICHMOND, Va. — Ryan Fitzpatrick’s been in the NFL since, roughly, 1967, meaning he doesn’t get rattled by much anymore. However, he saw something at training camp on Thursday that startled him quite a bit.

During his rookie year with the Rams, Fitzpatrick was sacked by the great Sean Taylor in a St. Louis-Washington contest. When that collision was mentioned to him while he was doing his post-practice press conference here, he responded with this excellent line.

“I just saw a Sean Taylor jersey out there and flinched,” he said.

Here’s video of the exchange, which is worth watching due to Fitzpatrick’s deadpan delivery:

That wasn’t Fitz’s only joke of the presser, though.

Later, the quarterback was asked for the reason behind his success against pressure in 2020 (by some metrics, he was actually the best in the league in pressure situations). Was he so good because of his experience, or his poise, or his ability to rapidly identify an outlet receiver?

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Nope, nope and nope, according to him. Instead, the credit should simply go to his very large household.

“As I’ve had more kids, seven of them coming at me now, it just becomes a little bit more normal,” Fitzpatrick said. “I think just family life helps that out.”


Hopefully Fitzpatrick thrives this season in Washington, for obvious reasons. A low-key one, however, is because hearing him drop zingers behind the microphone on a weekly basis would be delightful for fans and media alike.