Ryan Kerrigan is joining the Eagles. Yes, you read that right


This is going to be weird. 

This is going to be so, so weird.

On Monday, just a few hours after officially saying goodbye to Washington, Ryan Kerrigan said hello to... the Eagles.

Yes, just to be clear: Ryan Kerrigan, the Burgundy and Gold's all-time sack leader, announced on Instagram that he'll continue his career in Philadelphia.

Here's the (very unsettling) proof:

According to Adam Schefter, the Bengals and Steelers also showed some interest in the 32-year-old, and seeing him in one of those uniforms would've been odd enough for any Washington fan.

But the thought of Kerrigan wearing green and trying to take down Ryan Fitzpatrick or Antonio Gibson next season is sort of... traumatizing, isn't it? 

Because of Washington's unusual finish to their 2021 schedule, they won't run into Kerrigan until Dec. 19, and he won't make his return to FedEx Field until Jan. 2. 

Even so, the extended wait won't make those moments any less strange. And while this news should do nothing — like, literally nothing — to Kerrigan's legacy with the organization that drafted him, it's still as jarring to think of him as an Eagle. It just is.