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Kerrigan was bothered by Eagles fans taking over FedExField

Football Team

Throughout Ryan Kerrigan's 10 years as a member of the Washington Football Team, the 2011 first-round pick played on a lot of bad football teams. Washington made the playoffs just three times over that span, with each appearance ending in the wild card round.

And, when you play on a team that's annually bad, its fans typically stop showing up to games. 

With Philadelphia around two hours north of FedExField, it's been easy for Eagles fans to make the trip to Landover, Md. once per season. The Lincoln Financial Field South jokes have certainly run their course.

Now a member of the Eagles, Kerrigan admitted on NBC Sports Philadelphia's Takeoff With John Clark podcast that seeing FedExField filled with Eagles fans bothered him.

"Yeah. It did," Kerrigan said. "I remember specifically the 2018 game, if the Eagles won the game they went to the playoffs, there was a large contingent of Philly fans there. Now I see that as a good thing. At the time, I was like, 'Man, they really travel well.' It's good to be on this end of it now."

That 2018 game Kerrigan is referencing was a Week 17 contest between the two teams, one Washington had nothing to play for. Eagles fans packed FedExField (as someone in attendance, it was probably 75% Eagles fans minimum) as Philadelphia blew out Washington, 24-0.

Kerrigan was also asked about what it was like to arrive as a visitor to Lincoln Financial Field, one of the tougher venues to play in the NFL.


Philadelphia fans are known for being some of the rowdiest, and Kerrigan had some of his own not-so-pleasant experiences at the Linc.

"We were definitely greeted accordingly when the bus came into the Linc," Kerrigan said. "You'd see your one-finger salutes from the fans. You'd have people you could tell were mouthing some not very nice words. I liked it. that means they care, that means they're passionate. I'm glad I'm on their side."