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Ryan Kerrigan, wife Jessica announce birth of second daughter

Football Team

This season has been full of milestones for Washington defensive end Ryan Kerrigan. 

After becoming the franchise's all-time sack leader last month, Kerrigan's wife Jessica shared a much more important off-the-field milestone for the family on Monday -- the birth of their second daughter. 

Hayes Frankie Kerrigan was born last Friday, and already looks snug next to her older sister, Lincoln Georgie

Shifting his mindset from the birth of his second child to containing Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offense must not have been easy. Still, as Kerrigan nabs personal records and accomplishments on the field, having another daughter must be a real joy during an otherwise challenging year. 

As the #KerriganGirls double up, the fan club for Washington's best-ever pass rusher continues to grow.