Scary moment as McLaurin takes big hit in practice but returns


ASHBURN -- Some Washington Football Team coaches probably saw a spike in blood pressure when safety Troy Apke collided with wide receiver Terry McLaurin on a pass from Dwayne Haskins. The ball floated a bit, and Apke made a play on the ball and the result was a rather vicious helmet-to-helmet hit. 

The good news? McLaurin and Apke popped up off the field and jogged off. Both remained in drills and seemed fine. 

The bigger lesson, however, is that Ron Rivera's training camp features way more hitting and physicality than a Washington Football camp has in the past decade. Even on arguably the best offensive player in McLaurin. 

"Bang bang play," Rivera said after practice of the collision. "It's something we’ve said to the defense on plays like that give the right of way to the offensive guy."

After the hit, it didn't seem like any defensive coaches chastised Apke for the hit. He was playing the ball and being aggressive, even though the hit likely would have resulted in a personal foul penalty. Nobody did anything intentional, and in fact the only person at-fault might be Haskins for putting a ball a bit high and over the middle. 

Media access to filming action on the field is quite limited during training camp, and the collision came during a portion that media could not film. The Washington Football Team often puts out footage of big plays from practice, but that doesn't seem likely in this case. 


Plenty of people saw the play and had a similar reaction.