Schedule changes for 2021 could make Washington's slate tougher


The NFL looks poised to add a 17th regular season game this season, a provision that both the league and players agreed to in the latest collective bargaining agreement. 

For Washington that likely means another game against a 2020 playoff team - the Buffalo Bills.

From Peter King's FMIA:

The 17-game schedule is highly likely in 2021. No surprise there. TV partners and NFL schedulers are working under the assumption that the 17-game schedule (the way was paved for it last March when players approved a new CBA) will debut in 2021....A note about how the league configured the extra game: When the NFL was choosing options, the formula that prevailed—follow me now—was AFC versus NFC, cross-conference matchup from two years ago, 2021 matchup based on 2020 standings.

In 2019 the NFC East played the AFC East, and in 2020, Washington won the NFC East and the Bills won the AFC East. 

Using the above formula, that means Washington will face Josh Allen and Buffalo this fall, or maybe even this winter. 

That means Washington will face six 2020 playoff teams this season, and just check out the quarterbacks that Ron Rivera's team will go against: Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson (assuming he stays in Seattle), Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, Justin Herbert and now Allen, not to mention the usual six NFC East contests. 

It's silly to prognosticate on schedule alone - things change every year - but that does look daunting early on. 

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