Schefter: Despite mounting pressure, Dan Snyder has 'no intent' to sell


With ongoing legal battles on multiple continents, an ongoing NFL investigation into a toxic workplace culture and 40 percent of the team already up for sale, it's reasonable to ask if Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder would be looking to sell his franchise. 

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, that's not happening. 

"He’s got no plans and no intent to sell that franchise. Ever," Schefter said Friday. 

The comments came during a radio interview on The Michael Kay Show on ESPN-NY, and come amid a firestorm for the Washington owner.

Snyder has defamation suits going against one of his current minority investors and the results of a major NFL investigation into sexual harassment against women in the organization are expected to come out soon. 

Real or perceived, one report last week connected Jeff Bezos with the lawyer that is brokering the sale of 40 percent of the Washington Football Team where three disgruntled investors want out. And former team president Bruce Allen reportedly connected repeatedly with disgruntled minority partner Dwight Schar to allegedly work against Snyder. 

More from Schefter:

I think in the NFL rarely are there any absolutes, rarely is everything black and white, but I can tell you that today, even though there are all these limited partners putting pressure on him and even though there are a lot of people that want him to sell and even though there are a host of issues, unless the NFL steps in and forces him to sell that franchise, which could happen, he’s not going to voluntarily step up and sell that team. I feel very comfortable in saying that.

On the football side, the 2020 season was surprisingly fun and presents real reason for optimism going forward. 

On the business side, Snyder has made major changes to the organization and removed previous bad actors named in a series of Washington Post investigative reports, but still the specter of improprieties seems to linger.


Schefter did bring up that former Panthers owner Jerry Richardson also made clear he had no intentions of selling his franchise, but eventually sold the team amid a flurry of inappropriate accusations.

Regardless of what's said, reported or investigated, for now it doesn't sound like Snyder's willingly going anywhere. 

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