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Sean McVay understands why Washington is changing its name

Football Team

Before Sean McVay was in charge of the Los Angeles Rams and considered one of the best young coaches in the NFL, he was the offensive coordinator for the Washington Football Team.

But when McVay held that role in Washington back in 2016, the team obviously had a different name.

Earlier this summer, Washington announced the retirement of the team's old name and logo after major corporate sponsors pushed for a change. A few weeks later, the club announced they would temporarily be rebranding as the "Washington Football Team" until they thoroughly went through the process of selecting a new moniker.

McVay's Rams travel to Washington in Week 5, marking the first time the head coach will return to his former home since he departed. Amidst a bunch of football-related questions on Wednesday, McVay was asked about Washington's name change, too.

“I would say this – anytime that there's a possibility that somebody is offended by it, I'd always err on the side of being sensitive to those feelings and circumstances,” McVay said, in support of the change.

While the head coach admitted he wasn't "educated enough" on the topic to really speak on, he made it clear if some people are offended by the name, it has to go.

“It wasn't something that I am probably educated enough on to really speak on, other than, I always want to empathize with people if there's a soft spot on it," McVay said. "And if there is, I don't think you can ever be too cautious about being considerate to people's feelings if it is something that they deemed offensive. So that's why I think it is what it is right now.”


Washington's team name will be the last thing on McVay's mind come Sunday, as the head coach is focused on defeating a Burgundy and Gold squad that's trotting out a new quarterback.