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Could this Redhawks concept ramp back up support of the name?

Football Team

A couple of months back, data revealed that the Warriors, Redtails, Redhawks and Redwolves were the leading candidates among fans as the next name for the Washington Football Team. 

Fast forward to current day, fans have ramped things up a notch with extremely well put together uniform concepts, and today we have another one that's intriguing. 

Designer DC Sports Experience (@dcsportsxp on Instagram) teamed up with designer Jason Thomas (@jasonthomasartwork) to deliver a fresh take on the Redhawks idea -- here's what they came up with.

First things first, the concept keeps the Burgundy & Gold color scheme intact, much to the delight of Washington Football fans everywhere who are worried about the new name possibly ridding the tradition of the franchise.  

Of all the details incorporated within this mock up, the best features I believe are the number font and the wing details featured on the shoulder pads. 

The jersey number font is sleek and edgy, while the shoulder pad wing details introduce a modern flare to the entire uniform. 

Buzz around the Redhawks has definitely slowed across social media, but will this be the concept that ramps back up excitement? 

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