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This fan-submitted Washington Seals concept honors the military

Football Team

The search continues for a new name of the Washington Football Team in the nation's capital and thanks to, fans have been given the opportunity to submit what they believe should be the next team identity.

Recently, Washington Football Team fan Derek Peabody came up with a unique concept: The Washington D.C. Seals.

No, not those seals. Navy Seals. Take a look for yourself.

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“The Washington D.C. Seals. Washington D.C. is our Nation's capital; the center of our government, our military, and our country. The Washington Football Team should honor and reflect the best of Washington D.C. Navy Seals are our military's most elite unit. They are tough, unyielding, and professional; the best of the best. All qualities that NFL teams try to mimic," Peabody said. "The Primary logo is inspired by the Navy Seal Special Warfare insignias anchor and trident.The president has a seal, every military branch has a seal, every government office and department have a seal."

"The Washington Football Team should have an official seal. The Washington Football Team has a long history in the NFL and has been a pillar franchise for many years, therefore the look and feel of the team should remain," Peabody continued. "The D.C. Seals concept is a strong departure from the past, while remaining faithful to the team's legacy.”


The color blocking of the Seals concept is almost identical to that of the team's current uniform -- the main difference comes in the logo which features the Budweiser overlaid atop the Capital Building.

Could you imagine the Washington D.C. Seals? This mock up is quite convincing.