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SEE IT: Kyle Allen uses his legs for first TD with Washington

Football Team

With Kyle Allen becoming the new starting quarterback for the Washington Football Team, the hope was that his experience in Scott Turner's system would bring more consistency to the passing game.

However, in his first start on Sunday, it was Allen's legs that made the first impression.

Leading Washington on a solid drive into the red zone, Allen scrambled on second-and-goal from the seven and got the corner, just sneaking past the pylon for a touchdown against the Los Angeles Rams.

The referees initially ruled Allen down at the one-yard line as he stepped out of bounds, but a challenge from Ron Rivera quickly reversed the call on the field and gave Washington an eventual 7-6 lead in the first quarter.

Allen's athleticism and running ability is a rather underrated part of his game, but it's clear that the quarterback can find success when the play breaks down.

With injuries to the offensive line and Aaron Donald lurking on the other side, that could become a common theme throughout the rest of the contest.