SEE IT: New Washington Football Team signage at team's practice facility


The Washington Football Team had to work hard to remove signage and old logos after deciding to retire the old "Redskins" moniker this summer. 

In some spots, it left things looking a little bare, but at the team's training facility, new signage got installed. 

The team is still working on a new team name though that process is expected to be lengthy. In the meantime, at least the Washington Football Team signage looks cool and gives the team's practice facility a sense of gravitas.  

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The updated look at FedEx Field actually looks very cool, arguably better than the old look that included the former name. 

It's an unenviable spot to be the only NFL team without a name, but for a tough situation, the Washington Football Team seems to be making the most of it. That said, considering the size and location of the new signage at the Ashburn practice facility, a new name might not be coming too soon either.