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SEE IT: One fan's custom Red Wolves merchandise

Football Team

The Washington Red Wolves movement has gone from potential design posts to actual merchandise.

A suggested new name for the franchise that has achieved a huge following and a larger amount on social media has led to numerous jersey, logo and helmet mockups popping up every day. Now, it appears some fans are buying into the hype even more by purchasing actual merchandise.

An Instagram user recently shared a photo of a new hat he purchased that feature one of the fan-generated designs, and it is pretty fresh.


The 'W" that features the Capitol building and an outline of a wolf howling is one of the better mockups that has come out, and one the white hat, it looks just as smooth as it did on social media. You can almost imagine the coaches and players rocking these on the sideline during gamedays in the future.

Whether or not that comes to fruition won't be known for some time as the focus has shifted to the 2020 season and the "Washington Football Team." Still, no matter what happens to the name in the future, the Red Wolves moment will always be a part of the franchise's history.

Now, some can own some gear to commemorate the name.