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Seeing the Cowboys look like a complete mess eases the pain for Washington fans

Football Team

In the midst of another losing season in Washington, we have to take all the small victories we can get, and watching the Dallas Cowboys look like a complete mess in Washington's 25-3 win on Sunday is the perfect consolation prize. 

Most of the time we're just happy with a strong drive from the offense, Kyle Allen not turning the ball over, or Dustin Hopkins not missing a field goal.

Other times though,we get a real victory like we did on Sunday. You know, an actual win in an actual football game. When that win also comes at the hands of the Cowboys, who in the process continue to implode, it makes for a really good Sunday.

Sure, the expectations for the Washington Football Team have continued to plummet, but like I've said so many times over, if you came into this year expecting even a .500 season you were lying to yourself. 

Dallas on the other hand isn't supposed to be in a rebuild. The expectations were, again, the Super Bowl. Of course that's clearly not the direction they're headed, especially after what we saw on Sunday, and it's looking increasingly like they could end up with a whole new coaching staff in 2021 at this rate. 

Sure, Washington fans are dealing with their own suffering sitting at 2-5 heading into the bye week, but when you watch the Cowboys stumble their way to three points and that same record at the hands of your rebuilding team, it eases the pain just a little. 


Yes wins are going to be hard to come by the rest of the way for Ron Rivera, but hey, at least both wins so far came at the hands of division rivals.

The one thing if nothing else we can have this year when dealing with any Cowboys or Eagles fans running their mouth is that they can't say anything about how bad Washington is when we've already not just beaten their teams, but embarrassed them.

Small victories.